Value Added Courses

BEC British English Certificate program been offered to our students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students are encourages to take this during their second year of studies with us. 

Networking courses conducted for students are 

1. CCNA - Cisco Certified Network  Administrator

2. MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

3. MCSE - Microsoft Certified Software Engineer

Software courses are also conducted in the following areas 

1. C# and . NET

2. Java Programming

3. Foundation Programme FP 3.1 is conducted through Infosys Campus Connect  to develop the implementation oriented skills in the following subjects

a. Data Structures

b. Problem Solving Techniques

c. Operating Systems

d. Database Management Systems

e. Advanced Java Programming

f. Software Testing

Video lectures and online courses are offered by NPTEL for improving technical oriented skills. Application development courses are provided through Webinar series from Microsoft & Infosys