Research Activities

Research Activities

Research Scholars & their Areas of Research:

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List of Supervisors

S.No Guideship No Name of Supervisor University
1. 2870027 Dr.P.Anitha Anna University

The following is the list of Faculty members doing research (Ph.D) in the specified areas.

S.No Enrollment No Name Year of Admission Area of Research University Supervisor Name
1. 10960122071 Mrs.S.Sutha July 2009 Data Mining Anna University of Technology,Coimbatore Dr.C.Kavitha



Mr.V.M.Navaneethakumar July 2009 Data Mining Periyar Univesity Dr.C.Chandrasekar
3. 11260131023 Mr.R.MohanKumar Jan 2012 Data Mining Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore Dr.A.Subramani


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