Lab Infrastructure

List of Laboratory and Infrastructural Facilities-Video

        Department of Computer Applications consists of three Computer Labs fully Air-Conditioned which consists of 270 Computers of higher configuration connected to Windows NT, Linux Servers, and Oracle Server. Internet browsing is available through 4 Mbps Connection. Power Conditioning is done through 120KVA online UPS, apart from normal Mains supply.

        The core curriculum includes the following Labs: Office Automation Lab, Data Structures Lab and Programming in C Lab, Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab, Object Oriented Programming Lab, RDBMS Lab, Internet Programming Lab, Graphics & Multimedia Lab, Visual Programming Lab, Software Development Lab, Middleware  Lab, C# and .NET Frameworks. 


Hardware Details:

S.No. Computer Configurations



Server Configurations: Pentium D 915 [2.8 GHz, 800 MHz, 2*2 MB Full Speed L2Cache], 2 GB RAM, 2*140 GB SATA Hard Disk, 15 TFT Monitor, 110/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, 1.44 FDD, DVD RW Drive Keyboard & optical Mouse. (3 Server)




Clients Configurations:
HCL Systems: Intel Pentium Core 2, 1.86 GHZ CPU, 1 GB DDR RAM, 80 GB 7200 RPM SATA HARD DISK,17 HCL LCD Monitor, HCL 107 Keys, optical mouse. (67 Systems)
Wipro Systems: Intel Pentium@ D 3.40 GHz 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 80 GB SATA Hard Disk, 17 TFT Monitor and Keyboard (104), Optical Mouse, ATX Cabinet.         (147 Systems)
Acer Systems: AMD Athlon 3500+64 Processor 1 GB DDR SDRAM 80 GB SATA Hard Disk, 17 TFT Monitor Keyboard (104), Optical Mouse, ATX Cabinet.               (29 Systems)


1. High bandwidth internet facilities.

2. Microsoft Software Campus License Agreement

3. Various windows and Linux platform software available

Software Details:

The Following are the software's available in the lab for the students to acquaint themselves with recent technology.

1. Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Edition.

2. Office 2007 Professional.

3. Oracle 9i for Windows XP/ VISTA.

4. Windows 2003 / 2008 Server.

5. Turbo C++.

6. Linux 9.0 (Freeware).

7. JDK 1.4 (Freeware).

8. Macromedia Flash 8.0.

9. MM Director MX 2004 Win VLO-A Edu.

10. Tally 9.0.

11. MM Studio MX 2004 Win VLO-A Edu.

12. SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition.

13. Microsoft Business Solutions, Small Business Solutions great plans 7.5 SDK, SQL Server 2000.

14. NET Beans (Service Pack 4).

15. Visual Studio .NET 2005 Professional.

16. MSDN Library for Visual Studio .NET.

17. Visual Studio.NET Academic Tools 2005.

18. Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0 for Windows.

19. C-Free Educational Edition for C/C++.


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