MBA -Vision & Mission

 The Vision of the Department

    To develop the students into a competing Entrepreneur and Manager by imparting a quality education who will also significantly contribute to the environment-friendly sustainable growth of the nation and the world.

The Mission of the Department

   Shaping the students to compete with the competitive environment by cultivating required management and research skills. The department provides an opportunity to enhance technologically advanced skills by offering the best innovative, ethical, and quality education.

   The students are trained to meet the expectation of the industry and try to balance the gap between department and industry through MOU with a reputed company, Industrial Visit, and inviting the resource person for knowledge sharing to get practical exposure.

 Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) 

PEO1 -  Graduates of the program can face emergent global challenges in management.

PEO2 - Graduates will have the competence and skills to adapt to the professional career and will persist to learn the value-based education and adapting in business.

PEO3 -  Graduates will develop an effective and ethical environment with industry and society with innovative ideas.

Programme Outcomes (POs) - Regulations 2020 

Master of Business Administration Graduates will be able to


Apply Knowledge Of Management Theories And Practices To Solve Business Problems.


 Foster Analytical And Critical Thinking Abilities For Data-Based Decision Making.


 Ability To Develop Value-Based Leadership Ability.


Ability To Understand, Analyze And Communicate Global, Economic, Legal, And Ethical Aspects Of Business.


Ability To Lead Themselves And Others In The Achievement Of Organizational Goals, Contributing Effectively To A Team Environment.