National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was established under the NCC Act, 15th July 1948. It has completed 60 years of existence. The NCC strives to provide the youth of the country opportunities for all round development with a sense of commitment, dedication, self-discipline and moral values, so that they become good leaders and useful citizens and can take their appropriate place in all walks of life in the service of the nation.

The NCC has become instrumental in molding the character and imparting in our students a dynamic outlook during their college education.The Corps has expanded its horizons and now aims at developing character qualities amongst cadets and making them into good leaders and useful citizens so that they can take their appropriate place in all walks of life in the service of the nation.

The qualities of leadership, discipline, espirit-de-corps, courage and confidence with a secular outlook, which are the hallmarks of good and useful citizens, are inculcated in the cadets through a well conceived programme of institutional training combined with adventure sports and outdoor activities.

The progress and quality of training is reviewed and changes incorporated to bring about improvements.The world largest uniformed youth organization is NCC. The sub unit of NCC was raised in KSR College Engineering on 20 Nov 2011. The details are



11 (TN) Signal Company NCC, Salem 16.

Cadet Strength               


Group Head Quarters    



Tamil Nadu & Pondychery


2 / 11

Company Commander / Associate NCC Officer


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 We have the following infrastructure exclusively for NCC training activities.  They are

1.  Obstacle course

2.  Firing Range

3·  Cement Hard standing

4·  Drill Ground

5.   Toilet facilities for Boys & Girls Cadets