Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO 1 : Excel in professional career with technical knowledge, skills and ability to design,develop and test power electronic converters and drives using advanced tools.

PEO 2 :Technically competent and Exhibit leadership qualities to pursue career in broad area ofPower Electronics and Drives globally.

PEO 3: Engage in life-long learning through independent study, projects and research.


Program Outcomes (POs):

PO 1 :An ability to independently carry out research / investigation and development work to solve practical problems.

PO 2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.

PO 3 :Students should be able to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program. The mastery should be at a level higher than the requirements in the appropriate bachelor program.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO 1:Evaluate critically one’s own work and make decisions by considering professional, social and ethical responsibilities

PSO 2 :Recognize the need and engage in life-long learning through independent study, projects, research and to work in multidisciplinary teams.