Lab Infrastructure


Auto Components Laboratory

Major Equipments

  1. Ashok Leyland Heavy Truck in running condition

  2. Electric Cart Model in running condition

  3. Light Vehicle Chassis Frame Model


Engine Performance and Emission Testing Laboratory

Major Equipments

   1. Single cylinder CI and SI engine cut-section models

   2. Two wheeler engine test rig

   3. Multi cylinder CI test rig with hydraulic dynamometer

   4. Piezo electric pick up & crank angle encoder

   5. Gas analyzer for exhaust gas analysis

   6. Diesel smoke meter apparatus


Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory

Major Equipments

   1. Fuels analysis test

   2. Carbon residue test apparatus

   3. Copper strip corrosion test apparatus

   4. Reid vapour pressure test Apparatus

   5. Boys gas calorimeter


Automotive Electrical and Electronics Laboratory

Major Equipments 

    1. Model of mock layout of a car wiring electrical system

    2. Testing machine for starter motor and alternator

    3. Ignition system fault analysis instrument


Electronics and Microprocessors Laboratory

Major Equipments

  1. Stepper motor interface

  2. Function generator

  3. Dual trace oscilloscope

  4. Digital logic trainer kit

  5. 8085 microprocessor kit


Vehicle Maintenance and Reconditioning Laboratory

Major Equipments

  1. Engine analyzer: Hanatech multiscan P1 scan tool

 2. Computerized space matrix model wheel aligner with all standard accessories

  3. Fuel injection calibration machine

  4. Electro pneumatic tyre changer suitable for cars


Virtual Concepts and Design Laboratory

VCD facility caters to the training of our students in the usage of latest CAD software. The lab uses modelling softwares like AUTOCAD, Creo,  ANSYS and LS Dyna .

This lab caters to the needs of the following labs:

  1. Computer Aided Drawing Laboratory

  2. Product Design Laboratory

  3. Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory

  4. Design and Analysis Laboratory

  5. Computer Aided Chassis and Engine Design Laboratory



Engine Performance and Emission Testing Laboratory



Vehicle Maintenance and Reconditioning Laboratory


Auto Components Laboratory