Training Programmes

Training Programmes

Training Programmes

T&P Cell is largely responsible and committed to the identification and catering to the need of training of students so that they are able to develop a good personality; and assist them to find right job and help them place in right companies before they pass out. It offers training for the students who are raring to enter the corporate world and introduce them to the prospective employers according to their aspirations and background. The training programmes have been formulated after a thorough analysis of unique requirement of various companies as the required skills will vary according to the company™s requirement. We impart these training programmes with the help of reputed training institutes. They enable our students to gain a competitive edge in the recruitment process, groom their confidence and develop their personality. Training is divided into three categories:

Online Aptitude Test- This training is meant for preparing students to face the written exams which are part of the recruitment process of most of the companies. Since many recruiters are now offering the aptitude tests electronically, we are offering the students an interactive, learning-center, user-friendly, robust test taking platform which gives immediate, insightful performance report with detailed explanation. We have experienced a huge improvement in the student™s aptitude skills after we expose them with the Online Assessment System. Few of the advantages are:

High quality tests offered with varied difficulty levels.

Instant results for the students with in-depth analysis.

Explanatory answers given for each question immediately after finishing the test.

Varieties of customized reports possible can be taken out of the system to understand the need for each student.

Technical- This takes care of their technical proficiency in the subjects related to Computer Science. It is tailor-made according to the student needs.

Soft Skills- This training provides personality development programmes for the students so that students could survive and lead today™s corporate environment. It includes the following

  • Communication skills
  • Time Management
  • Personality Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Goal Setting & Motivation
  • Group Discussions and Interviews

It is imparted to students to enhance their communication skills and to teach corporate etiquette's so that they are well prepared not only to face group discussion, interviews, role plays and other assessments but have no problem in blending into the corporate culture after joining a company.


Training Details 2016 to 2021: