Innovations in Teaching & Learning


KSRCE is using MOODLE for  conducting online assessments. Student and faculty members of institution can access the MOODLE services  from inside the campus by using the URL:

2. NPTEL Local Chapter

3. Lecture Videos

Data Link Layer - Dr. N.S. Nithya
Error Control Techniques - Dr. N.S. Nithya

4. Animation Videos

Computer Graphics - 3D Transformation
OSI Model
Dijkstra's Algorithm
Linux Samba

5.Question Bank

Year Semester Subject Name
I Year Even Technical English II
Engineering Mathematics II
Enginnering Physics
Environmental Science and Engineering
C Programming
Odd Technical English I
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Mathematics I
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Problem solving Techniques
 II Year   Constitution of India
  Computer Organization and Architecture
  Data Structures
  Numerical Computational Techniques
  Python Programming
III Year   Computer Networks
  Computer Graphics
  Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  Multimedia Systems
  Open source Technologies
  Principles of Compiler Design
  Web Programming
IV Year   Client Server Computing
  Cryptography and Network security
  Ethical Hacking
  High Speed Networks
  Mobile Computing 
  Professional Ethics
  Software Testing