Workshop / Seminar Organized


K.S.R. College of Engineering (Autonomous), Tiruchengode - 637 215

Details of Workshops/Seminars conducted 


Department of Automobile Engineering

 1.Technical paper writing overview

2.Non Destructive  Testing

3.Car fault Diagnosis using Electronics


Department of Civil Engineering

1.Ninth National on Trendy And Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering

2.A Beeline for Circular Economy through Sustainable Waste Management phase-2

3.Eighth Virtual National Conference on“Trendy And Sustainable Development In Civil Engineering”

4.Forum on Nurturing Clean-Water and Green-Waste phase-1

5.Forum on Nurturing Clean-Water and Green-Waste phase-2

6.Forum on Nurturing Clean-Water and Green-Waste phase-3

7.A Beeline for Circular Economy through Sustainable Waste Management phase-1

8.Seventh Virtual National Conference on“Trendy And Sustainable Development In Civil Engineering”

9.Analysis and Design of Shallow Foundations

10.NBA Accreditation

11.Problem Based Learning (ICTSPL)

12.Second International Conference on Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering 

13.Sixth National Conference on “Trendy And Sustainable Development In Civil Engineering

14.Recent Advances In Structural AndEnvironmental Engineering (RASEE - 2K17)


 Department of Computer Science and Engineering

 1.Online training program on “Deep learning technique –A practical perspective”

2.Faculty Development Training Programme on Internet Programming

3.AICTE Sponsored International Conference on Current Trends and Challenges in Health Care Informatics and Technology

4.AICTE Sponsored FDP on Intelligent Objects & Technologies For Building Applications On Data Science With Machine Learning Techniques Using Internet Of Things

5.ICSSR Sponsored Cyber security Awareness Training Programme for Women Welfare

6.Online Faculty  Development Programme

7.National Seminar on Impact on Green Computing for minimizing E-waste on human health

8.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

9.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

10.National Conference on “Recent trends in Information, Communication and Computing Techniques” (RTICCT’19) 

11.Power of Visual Learning

12.Entrepreneurship Awarnenees Camp 

13.Entrepreneurship Awarnenees Camp

14.Entrepreneurship Awarnenees Camp 

15.National Conference on “Recent trends in Information, Communication and Computing Techniques” (RTICCT’18)


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 1.Webinar on Career Opportunities in Civil Services 

2.Industrial lecture on Employment Opportunities in Agriculture Products

3.Webinar on “Latest trends and Opportunities in VLSI

4.Overview of Thermal and Floating Solar Power Plants

5.National Webinar on “Electric Vehicle Technology

6.Webinar on Smart Grid

7.Value Added Course on VLSI Soc Design using Verilog HDL

8.Webinar on IEEE Student Membership Awareness and Benefit

9.Webinar on Electric Circuit Analysis

10.PALS Analyze - A case study based Event

11.Value added Course on Design of Printed Circuit Board

12.Webinar on Power Quality- Harmonics

13.Webinar on What do you want to be? Your life begins today!

14.Seminar on Computer Techniques for Power flow Analysis.

15.Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Embedded Systems

16.Guest Lecture on MATLAB Programming

17.Mini-Project Expo

18.Value Added Course on Design of PCB using Photoresist Method

19.Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR)

20.Value Added Course on Electrical CADD

21.Value Added Course on Java Programming

22.Technical Symposium - GRID 2K19

23.Value Added Course on Mobile Phone Service

24.Value Added Course on MATLAB Simulation and Programming

25.ISTE Sponsered Mini-Project Expo

26.Skill Development Programme on Learning Transformer – A Hands on Approach

27.Value Added Course on Java Programming

28.Guest Lecture on Advanced Industrial Automation

29.Modern Trends in Steam Generator Design for Coal Fired Boilers

30.Technical Symposium - GRID 2K18

31.Workshop on  Python Programming

32.Guest Lecture on Mobile Communication

33.FDTP on  EE6501 Power System Analysis 


Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

 1.AICTE Training and Learning(ATAL)Academy Programme(online FDP) on Sensor Technology

2.Webinar on VLSI SOC Design Using Verilog HDL in Associated with Maven Silicon

3.Webinar on Low Power VLSI in Associated with Novi Tech

4.Webinar on Robotics

5.AICTE sponsered Short Term Training Programme on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning using Python for Industrial Applications

6.Webinar on Ways to acquire and retention of job in IT sector

7.Webinar on “Signal Processing using MATLAB”

8.Webinar on Introduction to IOT and its Applications

9.Webinar on "Cyber Security"

10.Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Mobile Communication

11.Workshop on Embedded Systems

12.Webinar on VLSI Design Using Verilog HDL

13.National Seminar on Platform for Young Electronics Engineers to be an Entrepreneur

14.Workshop on Internet of Things: Challenges and Applications using Raspberry processor (IT-CAR)

 Department of Mechanical Engineering

 1.Prospects and Importance of IEI members

2.ISHARE Student Chapter Inauguration

3.Role of Electronics and software in Automotive advancements

4.Re installation of Indian Scoiety of heating Refrigeration and air conditioning Engineers

5.Basic Refrigerationand Air conditioning

6.Webinar on IPR E-Filling


 Department of Information Technology

1.Cyber Threats and Security 

2.Augmentation and Virtual Reality 

3.Work- Life Balance

4.Tips And Techniques To Crack Interview

5. Python for Deep learning

6.Advancement of Devops in IOT application.

7.Understanding of Programme Outcomes (POs)

8.Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment programme in Millennial: social challenges in real and virtual world.

9.Outcome based Education (OBE),course Outcome(CO) and program outcome(PO) calculation 

10.Bigdata Analytics ,Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Deep Learning

11.Advanced Java Programming

12.Learn Python for Beginners 


 Department of MBA

1.National Conference on Initiatives and Challenges on Regulating Crypto Curriencies in India

2.National Level Conference on Growth and Impact of Cryptocurrencies and Block Chain

3.National Level Seminar on Emerging Management Paradigm In Global Business

4.Seminar on Digital Banking & Marketing


  Department of MCA

1.National Conference, Research Ideas in Data Science and Artifical Intelligence

2. National Conference, Research Issues in Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

3.National Conference ,Recent Innovations in software Engineering

4.National Conference "Research Issues in Internet of Things"


Entrepreneurship Development cell

1.entrepreneur in software solution

2.Entrepreneur talk in my success story of Entrepreneur

3.carrerpath and Entrepreneurship

4.Business Plan Workshop

5.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp


7.Entrepreneurship opportunity in E commerce

8.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp aspiring Entrepreneurs program

9.on my journey towards being a social Entrepreneur

10. Entrepreneur Funding 1

11.Entrepreneur Funding 2

12.IT AND ITES Training Program

13.Entrepreneur Funding 3 


English Language Club

1.LSRW Skills

2.Soft Skills

3. Presentation Kills

4. Soft Skills for Engineers

5.Communication Skills for Engineers