Department Activities

Department Highlights

1. The Department offers one Post Graduate Courses – Communication Systems.

2. The department consistently organizes faculty and staff development programmes sponsored by AICTE, ISTE, CSIR, Anna University and by other funding organizations.

3. The Department conducts “Cisco Certified Network Associate” programme in collaboration with the CISCO Network Academy.

4. The department students  are being consistently judged the  as best out going students at the college level for both men and women category.

5. Our Students have regularly participated and won many prizes in  programme organized by reputed institutions including IIT Madras and Anna University.

6. The students of both UG and PG courses are motivated to do their academic projects in the  recent research areas of Electronics and Communication and they published papers in international journals and international conferences.

7. Our faculty  have published their work in  National and International Conferences and Journals including  IEEE publications.

8. The Department is accredited by NAAC

9. ISO Certified

10. It is also an Approved Research Center by Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore

11. An International conference, ICRAES’10 (International Conference on Recent Advancements in Electrical Science), was conducted in collaboration with the department of EEE, sponsored by CSIR, IETE and IEEE Madras section.

12. The Department conducts a National Conference on Advanced Telecommunication Technologies (NCATT) every year.

The Department conducts a National Level Technical Symposium “BLOOM” every year to cater to the needs of the students.

Technical Highlights

1. The Department has a strong faculty team with broad areas of specialization including Advanced Communication Systems, Optical Communication, VLSI, Embedded System, Bio-Medical Engineering, Digital Systems and Applied Electronics with areas of interests in Digital Communication, Computer Network Security, Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing and Computer Communication.

2. For every semester, our faculty team prepares course schedules and courses files for the subjects handled. The students are provided with their course schedule and the lesson plan of the subject handled by the faculty. The course file includes study materials, previous years’ University question papers and other supporting materials covering the entire syllabus. To improve the student’s core skills on recent trends in the field of Electronics and Communication ICT methods like video/audio lectures are provided.

 3.3.2 Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR),entrepreneurship and skill development during the last five years Total number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship and skills development year wise during last five years  

Year Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date From – To
2021-2022 Webinar on JAVA Programming in Associated with Udemy 64 16.02.2022
2021-2022 Webinar on Artificial intelligence 65 17.03.2022
2021-2022 Webinar on 5G Wireless Technology 46 25.11.2021
2021-2022 Webinar on Modern front end web development in Associated with SKILL LYNC 49 1.10.2021
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on Do your Engineering rather than studying. 93 28.10.2021
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on Recent trends in Antenna 71 10.11.2021
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on concepts of signals and systems. 85 23.11.2021
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on VLSI design and its Applications. 71 17.12.2021
2021-2022 Webinar on VLSI SOC Design Using Verilog HDL  in Associated with Maven Silicon  54 8.07.2021
2020-2021 Guest Lecture on satellite communication system 40 05.02.2020
2020-2021 Guest Lecture on Introduction to Digital Electronics 93 05.04.2020
2020-2021 Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of c programming 94 01.03.2021
2020-2021 Guest Lecture on Digital Signal Processing 71 03.11.2021
2020-2021 Webinar on Embedded Technology  72 18.02.2021
2020-2021 Webinar on Internet of Things: Challenges and Applications 62 21.11.2020
2020-2021 Webinar on Android app for Arduino 42 17.10.2020
2020-2021 Webinar on Low Power VLSI in Associated with Novi Tech 156 29-08-2020
2020-2021 Webinar on Robotics 104 04.07.2020
2020-2021 Webinar on Ways to acquire and retention of job in IT sector 156 5.07.2020
2019-2020 Webinar on Introduction to IOT and its Applications  188 27.06.2020
2019-2020 Webinar on “Signal Processing using MATLAB” 107 21.06.2020
2019-2020 Webinar on "Cyber Security" 69 14.06.2020
2019-2020 Webinar on VLSI Design Using Verilog HDL  82 27.02.2020
2019-2020 Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Mobile Communication 150 3.09.2019
2019-2020 Caliber incubation cell 48 18.11.2019 to23.11.19
2019-2020 Workshop on Embedded  82 30.08.2019 to31.08.2019
2018-2019 National Level Technical Symposium BLOOM 2K19 124 27.02.2019
2018-2019 Seminar on Introduction to Robotics  60 05.01.2019
2018-2019 Two Days workshop and Hands on Training on Mobile Phone Trouble shooting  163 03.12.2018 to 04.12.2018
2018-2019 National Conference on Advanced Telecommunication Technologies NCATT‘18 84 04.12.2018
2018-2019 National Conference on Advanced Telecommunication Technologies NCATT ‘17 112 27.09.2018
2017-2018 Two days National Seminar on Platform for Young Electronics Engineers to be an Entrepreneur 74 24.02.2018
2017-2018 National Level Technical Symposium BLOOM 2K17 94 15.09.2017
2017-2018 Two days workshop on Internet of Things: Challenges and Applications using Raspberry processor (IoT-CAR) 82 31.07.2017  to 1.8.2017
2017-2018 One day seminar on Career Development Skills for III Year Students 89 16.08.2017
2017-2018 Guest Lecture on Vocal App 74 27.07.2017
2017-2018 One day seminar on Career Development Skills for II Year Students  75 21.07.2017