Student Verification

Dear Employers / Corporate Organizations / Verification Agencies 

We are pleased to update that

K.S.R College of Engineering, Tiruchengode has launched an Online System to facilitate easier and faster verification of degrees / grade sheets etc.,

As the employment market has been rampaged with fake degrees / mark sheets, our college has always taken pioneering steps towards this problem. While we have received requests from Embassies, organizations, agencies worldwide and verification requests are being addressed in a focused manner, an opportunity exists to speed up the processes, given the rise in the number of frauds and in turn the need for verifications.

We are embracing enhanced web 2.0 technologies to make verification processes global, and to address verifications in a more focused manner, with the use of technology. Verification requests can now be made only online through that enables payment through net banking, credit cards, and debit cards. “Here onwards college will not accept any manual verification via courier, email, fax, and phone calls”. Verification Transaction requests numbers are created to allow the college to track and follow verification requests for early closure.

As the new enhanced process is ready for use, we request all Employers / Corporate Organizations who have recruited K.S.R College of Engineering, Tiruchengode, Students to start using the Online certificate Verification Tool.

We request to contact our Online Certificate Verification Technical Query Team at 9094929292/ 9841216071 / for more details.

Thanking You